Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bailout Disappoints Wall Street, Wall Streeet Disappoints Us

I find it a little incredible that after reckless and stupid investment strategies on Wall Street helped shove us into this recession, making a huge bail out bill neccessary, Wall Street is continuing to punish us by hemorrhaging stocks because they didn't like the bailout presented by Treasury Secretary Geithner yesterday. These stock brokers have nerve. Follow the purple link in the text here to read that story

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Meanwhile, the President is in Florida stumping for the stimulus bill. Just when he thought he was done campaigning.....

Still, I kind of like that this president is bringing the campaign to the people. Normally they just send their people to congress to pressure the congressfolks into doing what they want. This time, the President is counting on his supportive followers to do the pressuring.

Which reminds me, please, please, PLEASE remember to email your congressman/woman or senator and ask for their support on the bill. Also, try to remind them to keep in the spending provisions that help young college students like us, cause we can be pretty economically stimulating when we put our minds to it.

How do you write your congressman/woman or senator? By visiting this website, of course: