Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Commencement Speaker!

The 2009 Commencement Speaker should be enough to make any Gov Major stand up and yell (in a good way)!

Tammy Baldwin, Congresswoman from the Wisconsin 2nd District will be the 2009 speaker! Okay, Meryl Streep would have been pretty dope too, but Tammy Baldwin is by far one of our most distinguished alums and it's exciting that she's going to speak to us.

Besides being a Congresswoman and a Smithie (as if that wasn't enough), Representative Baldwin is:

The first woman elected to Congress from Wisconsin

A major advocate for universal health care. She says she came to Congress to get universal health care for every American and she's not going to quit until it's done.

Openly gay (and the former chairwoman of Hillary Clinton's campaign LGBT steering committee and a member of President Obama's LGBT steering committee during the campaign).

I cannot stress how wonderful and brave and uncommon it is for a member of congress to be openly gay. What does Tammy say about coming out?

" What was most troubling was the thought that in order to live my life and my dreams, I’d have to make a choice between pursuing a career in public service, perhaps running for office, and living my life in an open and honest way.

Many of us feel we face this choice. At the age of 24, I decided I didn’t have to make that choice...I could do both. I could run for office and I could be honest and out. It was a terrifying thought. And it ended up being one of the most freeing things I have ever done."

Yeah, she's gonna be awesome.