Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Looking Back - TDL Remembers Election Night

My 2008 Election Night Experience

I recall election night 2008 as a blur, a chaotic, emotional, wonderful blur. I remember as the results were coming in, screaming in the car with other Smith dems, realizing that we had done this. We illegally parked the van as we rushed back, sprinted in the campus center where a huge group of women were waiting for to congratulate us. The watch party in the campus center was filled with Smithies, a large majority decked out in their ‘Smithies for Obama’ t-shirts, watching the results on the big screen. When John McCain made his concession speech and then proceeded to Obama make his speech, tears began started rolling down people’s cheeks, including my own. Afterward we popped champagne and toasted to a better future and hope in our country, something many of us had not been optimistic about in a long time. We stood in the streets long into the night and cheered at cars that came by, many honking their horns in a show of support. Concerns of homework and sleep eluded us that night. When I finally did go to bed it was with such a sweet, fulfilling kind of exhaustion that lasted for weeks to come.
- AE