Friday, February 6, 2009

True Confessions: You Don't Read Newspapers

While many Smithies are current events junkies, constantly tuned in to CNN or checking the NY Times headlines, there are many others (maybe you're one of them) who secretly don't read the news. They may nod along with their more up-to-date friends and pretend that they understand WTF a Bernie Madoff is, but in reality, the closest they get to a paper is their house recycling bin.

Well, don't be afraid any longer! If you're one of those people who really wants to keep up with the news, but isn't sure how, doesn't have the time, or doesn't feel like she has the back story to understand the headlines, the internet is here to save you.

TDL proudly presents: Fun and Painless Ways to Get the News! (click the titles to link to the websites)

1. The Daily Beast
Tag Line: Read this. Skip that.
Trendy and fast. Very visual, great for the student who's short on time. The Daily Beast has a Cheat Sheet on the front page of the biggest stories and op-eds from across the internet, so you can quickly see what people are talking about. Mostly political stuff, but some entertainment and "fun" news as well. Also Check out the "Big Fat Story" section, which connects the dots on big issues.

Like the HuffPo, Daily Beast contributors come from a wide background. Some are true experts, others are just bad writers with delusion of grandeur. So take their commentary pieces with a grain of salt.

2. Wonkette
Tag Line: The D.C. Gossip
Really, really funny. For Dems with a sarcastic sense of humor, Wonkette is an easy way to get the news without falling asleep in the process.

Only D.C. focused. This will help you keep up with what's going on in Congress, but won't tell you much about the Congo.

3. Feministing
Tag Line: Tag lines are for the patriarchy
Classic blog for all things feminist. News, information, commentary on things relevant to women's lives and political aspirations. Great for the activist student who needs a quick source for new causes.

Cons (?):
Obvious and intentional lack of news on people of the male persuasion.

4. The Christian Science Monitor
Tag Line: Um, we like world peace?
Nothing to do with Christian Scientists. The CSM is a great newspaper and not as overwhelming as the New York Times can be. Excellent coverage of world and national events

News here is always interesting but sometimes obscure. The CSM tends to cover the important stories that other papers aren't hyping up, but that also means you might miss what's making news on CNN right now.

5. Jezebel
Tag Line: Celebrity, Sex, and Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing
Celebrity? Sex? Fashion? Think of it as your bridge between US magazine and the New York Times. Jezebel is great for the student who needs a little guilty pleasure with their news. Besides celebrity info, great fashion photos, Jezebel gives a no-B.S., feminist take on news of the day.

You may spend more time looking at the Red Carpet photos than the news stories, but every news diet deserves a little wiggle room.