Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Boyfriend releases New Senate Rankings, and it's all good news

Nate Silver (my boy friend) has released the latest Senate rankings this weekend. Dear Nate keeps tabs on which Senate races are most likely to be in play in the upcoming mid-term elections. What's that? Elections again? Yes, in the United States it's always an election season, and this one is warming up.

The last mid-terms foretold the Democrat's coming rise to power as we soundly beat the Republicans in most of the races. Will the next mid-term elections herald a re-election for President Obama?

As things stand now, it's looking very, very good. Of the Senate seats considered most likely to switch parties in the mid-terms, the top six are currently held by Republicans, including Arlen Specter's very influential seat. Republicans are pissed that the moderate Specter is helping out the Dems, so they may replace him and currently their top candidate looks like a serious dud. And then there's always the possibility that Specter will switch parties......

As for the seats currently held by Dems that are at risk in the next cycle, Harry Reid's Nevada race could get ugly. Also Chris Dodd's Conneticut seat may flip, and then there's the Roland Burris problem.

Still, with the chance to upset 6 Republicans, Dems have to be salivating. Get pumped Smith Dems, Mid Terms are coming.

Read the full details on my boy friend's senate rankings here.