Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In the words of Ted Kennedy, "The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die."

photo: NY Times

From one perspective: Let’s make Lemonade out of Gravel

Several months ago, while I was in Morocco studying Arabic last summer, I learned of Ted Kennedy’s death. Naturally, I was heart broken. However, thirty minutes ago, at my parent’s house in Hawaii—after [of course] checking the internet every hour to find out the results of the special election all day— I heard a melancholy voice announced on National Public Radio that Coakley had lost. Oi Vey I thought… “I think that I just heard Ted Kennedy roll in his grave.”

Stripped of the 60th vote needed to block Republican filibusters in the Senate, why yes, I think that I did just hear him roll in his grave.

As a Dem who was originally campaigning for Alan Khazei, I strongly feel that while the nation may be split on the logistics of the health care bill, I was extremely inspired by how Dems across the nation gathered in this special election to support Coakley. For such a man of hope and optimism, I [do] anticipate for Democrats across the nation to make lemonade out of gravel in this situation. It is highly likely that Obama will find a way to pass his health care bill through Congress quickly enough, but—let’s face it, no matter what, Massachusetts will still have a Republican Senator. Secretly, I think Coakley lost it because her faithful Smith Dems were all on vacation over J-Term. (although of course, we all still phone-banking over our holiday for her).

My main sadness is actually for Obama however. For one, he will now spend the first anniversary of his inauguration watching Democrats quarrel over who lost Massachusetts, something I don’t think that anyone would have predicted in such a blissful day last year. As such, it is my hope that Democrats will not point their fingers at his leadership. After all, with all that is going on in the world (such as Haiti, for instance) Obama did pick everything up and flew ovder to help her. Good work Obama and to

Martha Coakley, the Smith Democrats are very proud of you, regardless of the fact that the Dems lost.

Dems Love, Caroline Sutcliffe

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Don't Forget to Vote

Vote on Tuesday morning for Attorney General Martha Coakley! The polls will open across Massachusetts for the U.S. Senate Special election and Coakley needs all people that she can get to turn out. The New York Times stated today that there may be no better place to measure the shifting fortunes of President Obama and the Democratic Party than in the race being fought here this weekend for the Senate seat that had been held by Edward M. Kennedy.

Fortunately, today, Martha Coakley received the endorsements of family members of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy as well as Senator Paul G. Kirk, Jr.  Endorsing Coakley at the Medford Senior Center were Vicki Kennedy, Senator Kirk, former Congressman Joseph Kennedy, and Joseph Kennedy III. Also in attendance: Congressman Edward Markey and Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn, both of whom have previously endorsed Coakley.

Nonetheless, get out and vote on Tuesday!