Sunday, June 6, 2010

Democrats Rally at MA State Convention

This past weekend, June 4th – 5th, the Massachusetts Democratic State Convention took place in Worcester. Friday night of the convention is reserved for nomination of uncontested elections and, most importantly, Democratic socializing and schmoozing. Many of the major candidates running for election in the fall held parties in the Worcester area, including one party co-hosted by the Young Democrats of Massachusetts and the Worcester County Young Dems.

When I walked into the DCU center in Worcester Saturday morning I didn’t know quite what to expect, as I had never been to one of these conventions before. The cars dotted with excessive numbers of bumper stickers in support of Democratic candidates tipped me off that this was going to be a wonderfully progressive, and wonderfully lively, crowd.

The area outside of the convention hall was filled with tables for Democratic candidates, causes and groups from throughout the state. Inside, delegates sat by state senate district, and I always appreciate a chance to spend time with the always entertaining, never dull Democrats of the great city of Somerville. It was fun to be in such an energetic environment, and be with a large group of people who share, and are ready to fight for, many of the same goals and ideas that I am passionate about.

Governor Deval Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, both facing no Democratic challengers in their bids for re-election this fall, gave passionate and inspiring speeches at the convention, highlighting the positive changes they’ve brought to the commonwealth in the past four years. Among many notable achievements, Patrick noted that their administration has executed universal healthcare in MA so that 97% of MA residents now have health insurance and the fact that MA is ahead of most other states financially in dealing with the global market collapse. Patrick stressed that he is going to need all of our help to get re-elected in the fall. There were many volunteers with the Patrick-Murray campaign, sporting t-shirts with the logo ‘Got 50?’ to emphasize the campaign’s strategy of recruiting organizers in every precinct in the state to talk to 50 of their friends about voting for Deval Patrick and Tim Murray. The latest polls have Governor Patrick leading his two challengers, Charlie Baker, a Republican, and Charlie Baker, an independent.

The two contested races at this convention for were state treasurer and state auditor. Each candidate had the chance to show a short video and give a speech, before voice votes were taken within each senate district.

Steve Grossman took home 84% of the delegate vote for treasurer, gaining the party’s nomination. The race for state auditor, between Suzanne Bump, Mike Lake, and Guy Glodis, resulted in Bump with about 37% of the vote, Glodis with about 37% of the vote, trailing Bump by only a few votes, and Lake with about a quarter of the votes. All three will appear on the primary ballot but none will have the official Democratic party endorsement. The primary to determine which will be the Democratic nominee is on September 14.

Get fired up Smith Dems because we are going to be working very hard in the fall to keep strong Democratic leaders in office throughout Massachusetts!

-Alana Eichner, Smith Dems Campaigns Coordinator