Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet the Candidates: Delaware Edition

On Tuesday September 28 after our Moving Forward Watch Party we will be Phone Banking for the Delaware Coordinated Campaign! President Obama will be speaking about the importance of youth and youth involvement in the November elections. We will join CDA and OFA groups around the country to watch the speech

So before our phone bank, here is a little more about the candidates:

Chris Coons is Delaware’s Democratic candidate for Senate and current New Castle County Executive. He is a graduate of Amherst College (just down route 9!) and earned his Masters in Ethics from Yale Divinity School while simultaneously earning his J.D. from Yale Law School. A native of Delaware, Mr. Coons lives in Wilmington with his wife and three young children. He has worked for W.L. Gore & Associates, in addition to numerous non-profits including the National Coalition for the Homeless, the “I Have a Dream” Foundation, and the Investor Responsibility Research Center.

On the issues, Mr. Coons is for:

  • the Repeal of DADT,
  • pushing for more Americans to be able to attend college,
  • women’s reproductive rights.
You can learn more about Chris Coons as a candidate and his stance on issues by visiting his website

John Carney is the Democratic candidate for Delaware’s sole Congressional seat. Born and raised in Delaware, Mr. Carney served two terms as Delaware’s Lieutenant Governor and Chairman of the National Lieutenant Governors Association. Politically, he helped Delaware earn a AAA bond rating as the Secretary of Finance, was Deputy Chief of Staff for then-Governor Tom Carper, and was a staffer for then-Senator Joe Biden. Mr. Carney has also served as the President and COO of the green-tech company Transformative Technologies. In addition to being on many boards including the YMCA, Special Olympics of Delaware, and The Delaware Cancer Consortium, he is still committed to his hometown roots by volunteering to coach basketball in the city of Wilmington. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Mr. Carney lives in Wilmington with his wife and two sons.

On the issues, Mr. Carney is for:
  • energy independence,
  • increasing green jobs,
  • increased funding and support for cancer research,
  • ensuring college is more affordable for students across the state and the nation.
To learn more about John Carney visit his website or find him on Facebook under John Carney.

In addition, both John Carney and Chris Coons are running against Tea Party Candidates.

Also, join us Tuesday from 6:30-9pm in the Dewey Common Room to watch President Obama’s speech for College students and phonebank for these two great candidates!

Monday, September 13, 2010

We have 2010-2011 Liftoff!

The Smith Dems had their first meeting of the year tonight! Many thanks to the E-Board, Campus Center staff, and most importantly the new Smith Dems for a great meeting. We look forward to reading your blog posts here on TDL!

Asher Roth, DJ Pauly D, and Voter Registration With the Smith Dems!

This past weekend the Smith Dems joined College Dems from all over Massachusetts to register students at College Fest 2010. College Fest is a huge gathering of Boston college students with live music, free giveaways, contests and lots of fun! The College Dems of Massachusetts, including a five-person delegation from Smith, staffed a table and registered students to vote.

In addition to the smattering of freebies, including some of my favorite hummus and several packs of Mentos, we had a really fun and successful day doing voter reg! The College Dems of Massachusetts grabbed clipboards and voter reg forms and fanned out. Although we had a competition as to which school could register the most voters, together, the College Dems of Massachusetts registered near 400 college students to vote! That is almost one per minute that we were there!
I was surprised by the number of people who were not registered. We were able to disseminate correct information about registering and voting at school and of the benefits of registering in Massachusetts for this election, most notably because we currently have a very competitive race for Governor.

Several students who I talked to had been wanting to register to vote but hadn’t gotten around to it or didn’t exactly know how. They were pleasantly surprised to find out that they could register right there and then and that it would only take 2 minutes. One woman, after I asked her if she was registered to vote, proclaimed, “Finally! I have been hoping one of you would approach me for 5 minutes now! I’ve been dying to register to vote!”

It is so important to have the voices of young people incorporated into the political process. If we don’t exercise our right to vote, key decisions about things such as the affordability of higher education or employment after graduation, will be make without our opinions. However, after this successful batch of voter registration, I feel optimistic about youth participation in the 2010 elections. This is something we are going to be working hard on right up until election day. Although this was just the first of the Smith Dems trips of the semester, as part of the College Democrats of Massachusetts' Registration Rumble contest, we will be working to register as many people as possible before the October 13th deadline.

-Alana Eichner, Campaigns Coordinator