Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meet the Candidates: It's All in the Family in Missouri

Russ Carnahan is running for the Missouri 3rd District on the Democratic ticket. This is the former seat of Speaker Dick Gephart and Rep. Carnahan has been fighting for this district since his election in 2004. He is a Senior Minority Whip in the House as well a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, International Terrorism and Nonproliferation Subcommittee and is Chair of the Subcommittee on International Organization, Human Rights & Oversight. Before heading to Washington, Rep. Carnahan was the state representative for the 59th district (which is located within the 3rd district). He graduated from the University of Missouri and the University of Missouri Law school, where he met his wife Debra, who is a retired judge in the St. Louis Municipal Court system. He has two sons and is the son of the late Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan and former Missouri First Lady and U.S. Senator Jean Carnahan. Russ’ grandfather, A.S.J. Carnahan, was a member of Congress who also represented Jefferson and Ste. Genevieve Counties.

On the issues, Rep. Carnahan:

  • supports alternative energy sources and opposes the drill in the Alaska Wildlife Reserve,
  • ensuring that First Responders in Missouri have the proper equipment and training should a terrorist event occur here at home
  • commitment to strengthen the US economy through support of fair trade policies,
  • invests in positive learning environments throughout the state and country,
  • committed to making sure health care is affordable and available to all.
To find out more information about Rep. Carnahan, visit his website, Facebook (under Russ Carnahan), or follow him on Twitter.

Running for Kit Bond's seat in the U.S. Senate, Robin Carnahan (Russ' little sister) has run what is proving to be a tough and thorough campaign for her opponent to beat. The current Secretary of State for Missouri, Ms. Carnahan has fought to protect consumers, cracking down on financial fraud, cutting costs and red-tape for businesses, and ensuring fair elections. She has previously done work with the National Democratic Institute, and is currently a co-chair of the Elections Committee for the National Association of State Secretaries. A graduate of William Jewel College and University of Virginia Law School, Ms. Carnahan lives in Rolla with her husband.

On the issues, Secretary Carnahan:
  • seeks to restore fiscal responsibility and accountability to government,
  • protecting and honoring seniors by protecting and enhancing benefits,
  • building a strong national security plan,
  • securing quality and affordable health care for Missourians
More information about Secreatary Carhanahan can be found on her website at, her Facebook page (under Robin Carnahan), and Twitter.

Also, the Smith Democrats will be hosting a phone bank (and West Wing Wednesday Watching) tomorrow at 6:30 in Seelye 102 for fellow Smithie Niki Tsongas. We hope to see you there!
And most importantly, don't forget to vote on Nov. 2nd!